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Alone again (naturally)

Beth and I just broke up.

The first couple of months were great, but then the spark just died out. I had been thinking about ending the relationship for the past several weeks, but was afraid of hurting her.

However, I had nothing to worry about. It turns out, Beth was feeling the same way about me! So a half-hour ago, we decided to call it off.

It got to a point where there were long, uncomfortable lulls in our conversations and we were both struggling for some stupid little thing to say. And it was really weird when we kissed. It was pleasant enough, but I felt little more. Often when we were together, I couldn't wait to part company with her.

The simple fact is, Beth is a terrific person, but we have little in common. We're both disappointed that it didn't work out, but at least it's not the devastating experience for me that my encounter with Lisa was last winter. I had high hopes for Lisa, but sadly not for Beth. I'm glad she brought it up, too, for who knows otherwise how much longer we would have gone on pretending?

Unfortunately, I'm now back so square one in the romance department. *sigh*

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