goldwax317 (goldwax317) wrote,

A mixed bag at Christmas

In recent years, I've managed to soften my previously hostile attitude toward the Christmas season - the reasons for which are many; I won't go into them now.

Unfortunately, this year it was tough for me to get into the holiday spirit - mainly because I caught pneumonia on December 2nd, and am only now about 95% over it. For the better part of three weeks, I was so damned sick that even getting out of bed to pee took monumental effort. I muddled through my roommate's December 17th Christmas party, though the last thing I needed at that point was a houseful of people in an upbeat, festive mood.

Thankfully, by the holiday itself, I was functional again. Due to my 3rd-shift work and sleep schedule, I didn't get together with my new girlfriend until 5:00 p.m. We spent some time driving around, looking at the various residential Christmas displays, after which we retired to my apartment to exchange gifts. At this point, Beth is well aware that she's dating a geek. And I gotta say, she really nailed my gift: a 3-DVD collection of 1,000 vintage TV ads from the '50s - '80s. I watched about an hour of that stuff last night and just reveled in it!

Beth and I parted company at around 2:00 in the morning, wrapping up what turned out to be a peaceful, relaxing, and utterly delightful Christmas night. Thank you, Beth! I'm a lucky man for having you in my life.
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